I think it is safe to say this intern will NEVER be working at a hospital again.  If you never received the memo, you are supposed to treat new born babies with extreme care....and taking pictures while their heads are bobbing are not considered safe.If there is one thing you should know about babies when they are first born, know that they are not fully developed.  According to whatsondalian, a senior student decided it was ok to treat the new additions to the world like pet animals.


Xiao Shiyu, a senior student at the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, posted several photographs online showing her teasing sleeping babies, holding them upright while their heads drooped helplessly, and placed paper shapes on a baby's face to make him look like a pig."

The children's hospital that is involved with the with university just announced the other day their extreme sorrow for this incident(that happened back in April) and will be taking greater steps to manage their interns.  Maybe this is just my point of view, but I believe everyone entering the medical field should be subject to a background check.

Along with the pictures she posted on mircroblogging site Sina Weibo, Xiao wrote: "I almost died laughing?" and "the babies are too small to resist my mischief."

I've never taken a medical class in my life, but you should never hold a baby upright without neck support.  The university claims they will punish the student accordingly, does this mean expulsion from the school?

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