President Barack Obama sat in as guest on Zach Galifianakis' Funny or Die show 'Between Two Ferns' and the entire thing is actually pretty funny.

As he usually does when he roasts his guests, Galifianakis poked fun at Obama in his trademark unorthodox awkward manner by bringing up birther conspiracies, making fun of his nerdy ways, and suggesting that people let him win at basketball just because he is the President.

Is it going to be hard in two years, when you’re no longer President and people will stop letting you win at basketball?

Obama wasn't just going to sit back and be the punching bag in the Funny or Die skit, taking shots at the actor over the not-so-necessary third and final installment of the 'Hangover' and praising the movie's "rival" co-star Bradley Cooper.

After a few minutes the awkward (but funny) exchange shifts to Obamacare, but overall, it's worth the watch.

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