As NFL fan bases across the league patiently await the news of where Pro-Bowl wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. will land, reports are coming out that he has narrowed his choices down to three teams. Moves are expected to happen sooner rather than later as #OdellWatch is underway.

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See the report from @diannaESPN on Twitter below.

According to Russini, Beckham Jr. could be making his decision as soon as today and has honed in on three NFL teams as his new home. Those teams include the Chiefs, the Packers, and - drum roll please...

The New Orleans Saints.

New reports from @ProFootballTalk are actually pointing towards OBJ ending up with the Saints as well.

Members of the Saints have been hitting up OBJ on Twitter to entice him to head down to the Big Easy. Former LSU Tigers teammate, Kwon Alexander, told OBJ to, "come on home" as more teammates get in the social media conversation.

More from @ProFootballTalk says that the New England Patriots are also in the mix to get OBJ.

It seems as though the Patriots would like to land OBJ just as much as these other teams would.

But, what exactly is OBJ looking at in terms of compensation from his next team? Reports are saying that the Packers are willing to cough up some pretty serious cash to land the bonafide pass catcher.

As Silverstein points out, having a star like Davante Adams already on the team doesn't help out Beckham Jr.'s potential payday. Still, an offense like Green Bay's would potentially give OBJ some freedom to get open downfield while having the reigning MVP in Aaron Rodgers sling it his way.

The same could be said of Kansas City's offense, who hasn't been quite as potent as of late as it had been in years past. Take that with a grain of salt, as Patrick Mahomes is obviously one of the most dynamic players in the league. I could definitely envision Mahomes scrambling out of the pocket and finding an elusive OBJ downfield.

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As I consider the prospects of Beckham Jr. landing in NOLA, it is just really tough for me to see him with the Saints. The Packers and the Chiefs honestly seem like great fits for a wide receiver that likes have some of his own freedom on the playing field. Add in the fact that both of those teams have solid QB's at the helm, while the Saints are now figuring out life after the Jameis Winston injury.

While New Orleans is certainly in need of another wide receiver, there will have to be more than considerable efforts by Sean Payton and company to get him back to The Boot. But, I guess if the Saints are in fact in his top-three choices - they're doing well enough in negotiations to make Odell Beckham Jr. listen.

#OdellWatch is officially underway.

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