Do you still need sand and saltwater in your life, even as we approach the final months of the year?

Well, here is some really good news for you. If you speak to any of the locals along the Emerald Gulf Coast they will tell you that the fall season is a great time of the year to visit the beach.

Not only is it not as hot as compared to the summer months, but traditionally the water is just as gorgeous. Sure, the water may be somewhat cooler, but manageable for a swim, and it is beautiful.

With the help of a few cool fronts that sweep across the south during the fall months, the water along the beach is as clear and clean during the fall. Rarely do you have to worry about seaweed during the fall months at the beach. One local resident recently told me that the water during the fall months in Destin and Pensacola is like "glass."

In addition to beautiful water and landscaping on the beaches, the prices for rentals are much more moderate towards the end of the year. You will often save much more during the fall than you would during the peak summer months. You often get a bargain after August.

Plus, there are always fewer people on the beach during the fall. Kids are back in school and families rarely frequent the beach during this time of the year. So, if you want the beach to yourself, fall season may allow for such.

Let me note here that with fewer families visiting during the fall, traffic is much lighter. Lately one of the big topics about areas like Destin, FL during the summer months is traffic. Go now and you will ease through parts of the gulf coast.

I share this with you after speaking to several friends who do live along the coast. They have often told me that I have to go to visit the beach in October and into November.

So, if you're looking for a reason to get your toes in sand again this year, take advantage of the fall months.

Now, allow me to get back in the attic to remove the beach gear one more time. See you soon!


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