As Hurricane Laura continues her northward movement, she leaves behind thousands of Louisiana residents without power this morning.

According to, just over 317,000 Louisiana customers were without power as of 5:00 am.

Nearly 100% of Cameron Parish is without power (some 1,996 residents), making that the highest number in the state.

Acadiana is seeing its fair share of residents without power as many of you already know.

Here's the breakdown for Acadiana parishes:

Jeff Davis - 12,516 tracked, 10,204 without power
Acadia - 28,221 tracked, 20,553 without power
Vermilion - 23,011 tracked, 16,573 without power
Iberia - 34,795 tracked, 18,639 without power
Lafayette - 57,033 tracked, 32,366 without power
St. Landry - 46,265 tracked, 13,247 without power
St. Martin - 25,148 tracked, 9,625 without power
Evangeline - 18,128 tracked, 9,612 without power

Residents are urged to report power outages, but please try and stay inside until winds die down. And of course, be patient, as crews have to wait until it's safe to restore power.

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