Eating out is expensive and nothing is worse than ordering food to-go and realizing they got your order wrong once you've already gotten home. Well, actually it can get much worse.

According to Jan Risher at The Advocate, a Baton Rouge couple ordered a take-out order from P.F. Changs for their family of seven. The order cost well over $200 and they made sure to get all of their favorite menu items including the crispy green beans.

Monday night Ashley Potter decided to reheat their P.F. Changs leftovers from the night before in the air fryer only for things to take an unexpected turn. Her husband grabbed a handful of the green beans and put them in his mouth only to feel a weird shocking sensation in his tooth.

My husband had a filling, thats how he felt it. It kind of shocked his tooth

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Via Unsplash
Via Unsplash

Upon investigating the green beans with a toothpick the Potters discovered an astonishing 22 staples mixed in with the crispy green beans. Exasperated by the situation Ashley explains "Eating out is not cheap. Then we had to throw it away. So that ticked me off more."

In search of a resolution, Ashley reached out to the restaurant to report the unnerving discovery.

I dont know what else you can do — except not eat there anymore

P.F. Changs offered to provide a fresh order of green beans but the Potters declined for obvious reasons, they didn't want to take any chances.

It is still unclear how the staples found their way into the Potter's crispy green beans considering there weren't any staples used to staple the receipt to the bag or anywhere else in the bag itself.

Hospitality manager, Michael Tran, explained that they have done their best to try and figure out how this peculiar situation occurred.

We're making sure it cannot happen again

The Potter family has since taken their original photo of the green beans off their social media because they are not seeking anything from this strange situation.

We don't want anything aside from this not happening to anyone else

Amidst the ordeal, the Potters are dealing with the shock of it all while reminiscing about their once-beloved crispy green beans,

We love those crispy green beans. I should say we 'loved' them

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