If you don't want your children to wonder off into dangerous places at night you can either put chains on them OR you can put a nightclub in your house.  One London couple chose to do just that!Hmmm put up an electric fence or put a disco ball, lights, and a killer sound system in your bedroom? I know which one I would choose!  According to the Daily Mail a London couple put up,

flashing lights, illuminated dance floor and professional DJ booth...."

Not only can their children throw the biggest school parties ever, but the couples' 16-year-old son Gil can say that he is now a 'Resident House DJ.'

Gil's mother, Mrs. Farrow said that,

This was our dream house, everything we ever wanted... It keeps the teenagers under your roof so you know where they are. The idea for the dance floor came from that I love dancing, but I’m too old to go out."



Keep in mind though, their house is not JUST to hold parties in, Mrs. Farrow holds dancing classes every Wednesday for herself and her friends.  I should have known momma likes to get down and boogie!  Do any of you want to get adopted yet?



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