As we continue to move through the COVID pandemic, schools are now being much more proactive when it comes to protecting kids.

A letter from a school in Eunice is making its way around social media and it introduces parents and/or guardians to an incentive program for having kids tested for COVID while at school.

To be fair, I have also heard from parents in the Baton Rouge area that tells me the same type of incentive program has been discussed.

Mass Corona Tests Begin In Hard-Hit Hildburghausen
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Apparently, a parent or guardian has to sign a permission release to have their child tested at school, and with that comes a monetary payment made via a debit card or virtual online debit card account.

In addition to that, schools would have permission to share your child's test results with others if you give consent for your child to be tested.

Many parents are suggesting online that they feel like they are being "bought" or bribed to have their kids tested weekly for COVID. The payoffs are defined in the letter below.

Recent reports show that kids are much more affected by this latest strand of COVID that is going around and medical professionals highly encourage kids 12 years and older to get the vaccine.

Here is the letter/Facebook post that was sent to me and that has many parents talking tonight.



Under the post, which is public, one parent had this to say about the possibility of parents getting paid to have their kids tested for COVID while at school.



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