I've never really considered Willow Smith's song Whip My Hair to be 'devil music,' but if mom and dad says it is....then I guess it goes!  No matter what's going on in this family, I really want their pet bird Larry.....and yes I want take him to a concert one day to show off his dance moves.

In today's world there are a lot of 'questionable things' that a parent wouldn't want their child or 'pet' for that matter exposed to.  There is some music out today with unedited versions that are becoming too accessible for children and I agree, but is there REALLY a problem with a bird wanting to 'whip his hair?'

Stacie, the owner of the bird Larry, belongs to a highly religious family and even though they like his personality....the dance moves might be a little too much.

We came to Christ, me and my wife did, back in 2010," Gary Richie said. "We don't support the beat. We don't support that demonic sound and the repetition."

Via Lex 18

According to Lex 18 daddy used to LOVE rock music until he and his wife had a change of heart and started on a new religious path.

I used to love rock and then Jesus Christ came in my heart and took it completely away," Gary Richie said. "I absolutely don't want to have anything to do with secular music anymore."

Also Stacie claims that Larry can throw down to 'Teach Me How To Duggie' if you fire up some Cali Swag District. :)

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