In the past few years Black Friday shoppers have spent most if not all of their Thanksgiving camping out in lines instead of at home with family. This year major retailers are pushing for people to shop online and are remaining closed on Thanksgiving day.

As the holiday season approaches, major retailers nationwide have revealed plans to keep their doors closed on Thanksgiving Day, emphasizing a focus on online sales while providing their employees a well-deserved break. Walmart, Target, and Best Buy are among the notable chains set to remain shuttered on November 23, marking a continued shift away from the trend of early Thanksgiving openings seen in previous years.

According to KSLA the decision to close on Thanksgiving comes as a departure from past practices, where several big-box retailers opened their doors on the holiday, offering early Black Friday deals. However, the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 prompted a reassessment of this approach for many stores.

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Recognizing the significance of the holiday for employees to spend time with family and loved ones, numerous stores are opting to offer enticing Black Friday deals online. This strategy aims to encourage customers to shop conveniently from their homes on Thanksgiving Day. Stores are slated to reopen on November 24, with some retailers extending their hours for in-person shopping experiences.

The national retailers Closed:

1. Costco

2. Dick’s Sporting Goods


4. Kohl’s

5. Lowe’s

6. Macy’s

7 . Office Depot and Office Max

8. REI

9. Trader Joe’s

10. Walmart.

Consumers are advised to verify specific store hours at their local outlets while planning their Black Friday shopping excursions.

The move by these prominent retailers to prioritize online sales and grant employees a day off reflects a broader industry trend aligning with evolving consumer behaviors, emphasizing digital shopping experiences and flexibility in response to changing market dynamics.

With the holiday shopping season looming, the decision to forgo Thanksgiving Day openings signals a continued adaptation to new retail paradigms, emphasizing convenience, and accommodation for both employees and consumers alike.

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