If you’re bored and want to do something to help the community here is your chance.  Parish Proud and its partners are inviting you to join them tidy up along the University Avenue Corridor. Help clean one of the entryways into the heart of Lafayette so we can make a beautiful impression on our visitors and make our residents proud. The clean-up day is Saturday, November 14th from 9 am til noon.

Parish Proud Facebook
Parish Proud Facebook

Although this event is to help provide clean the main University Avenue Corridor, everyone is encouraged to clean around your neighborhoods. For the clean-up event or any other cleaning in your neighborhoods, use the hashtag #PickUpLFT when posting on social media so everyone can see the efforts of our community as we all come together to make a difference.

Teams, businesses, and organizations are all welcome to participate.

Items needed:

Weed Eaters




If you have any of these items that can be used or donated, contact Brianne Hendricks at info@parishproud.org.  If you would like to volunteer, click here.

Volunteers can pick up a Parish Proud took kit from any of the Iberia Bank locations, One Acadiana, or United Way of Acadiana. They just ask that you call first.

Safety measures will be followed by social distancing and mask orders being followed.

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