If you love winter, you'll love the changes coming to the region.

Let me start off by saying, no we aren't expecting a southern snowstorm this weekend, but changes are on the way.

Some meteorologists that I follow on social media are now indicating that some parts of Louisiana could see snow flurries by this weekend, particularly Sunday.

No, they are not predicting any accumulation here, but flurries could be possible for some in the state of Louisiana.

Many of the forecasts started with the winter precipitation mainly for north-central parts of Louisiana, but some models have the wintry stuff coming a little further south.

How far south, well that remains to be seen, but we should prepare for much colder days ahead.

Again, we aren't saying you're going to have a "white-out" here, but we could perhaps see a flurry or two across the area by the later part of the weekend

And if you're hoping to see lots of snow, well you're going to likely have to travel northeast into the upper parts of Mississippi.

So yes, gumbo weather is coming back home and we hope you all stay warm later this weekend. Reminder, be sure to take care of the plants, pets, and people who may need shelter by this Sunday.


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