Attention Upper Lafayette Target shoppers: Keep an eye out for 'Patches.'

UPDATE: Thanks to the amazing Cat Moms of Lafayette as well as Spay Nation Patches will be healed in no time and will return to her home soon.

If you don't know Patches, she is the "Cajun Famous" cat that calls the Northside Target home. Earlier today, Catherine Lemoine posted a video of Patches hobbling on the Lafayette Cat Moms Facebook Group and she didn't look good at all.

Comments of love and support poured in for Patches—and based on the latest update someone is planning to get her the medical treatment needed to get back on the good foot.

In the meantime, please be careful if you're in the area doing some shopping because, as someone pointed out, Patches may not be able to move around as well as normal and could be at greater risk of getting hit by a car.

What's amazing is it goes to show how caring people in our community can be, whether it's a neighbor in need or the local Target cat.

Stay strong, Patches. Help is on the way.

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