Just one week after hitting a red carpet event looking heftier than usual, 'Jersey Shore' reality star DJ Pauly D is reminding critics that he still puts the "G" in GTL. The internet went wild last week when photos surfaced from a Las Vegas event that had many believing that Pauly's late nights away from the Shore may have been packing on the pounds.

Pauly D took to Twitter to silence the haters the only way he knows how: SHIRTLESS MIRROR PICS!

Even though he is still lacking in the grammar/spelling department, Pauly definitely gets his point across making it clear that these pictures are a direct response to the weight gain rumors.

And just in case people were "still confused" here is TwitPic #2 ....

Pauly D is definitely making moves right now with his own spin-off reality show that follows his trek to become a superstar DJ. In addition to 'The Pauly D Project' currently airing on MTV, he has been making his rounds on network television as well, including a guest spot this morning on Ellen. Love him or hate him, the dude is doing work right now - and obviously still has time to hit the gym.

Sometimes change is a good thing, and along with the rest of his party animal roommates, Pauly D has definitely transformed his look since we were graced with their self-tanned presence back in season 1 of 'Jersey Shore.'