Oreo cookies are one of America's greatest cookie inventions. There is an ongoing debate about the proper way to eat this popular sandwich cookie. Do you split, lick, and then eat the cookie outside or do you simply bite into the entire package, or do you dunk in milk and then devour? As far as I know all three methods are highly rated and enjoyed.

One thing the great American cookie has done in recent years is to reinvent itself with new and trendy flavors. The most recent of which has an Easter theme. It's called Peep Flavored Oreos. 

Those who have tried this cookie say it's very tasty. It's got all the goodness of the Oreo chocolate cookie crunch and all the sugary goo of a marshmallow Peep. What could be wrong?

It has to do with the food coloring used to make the filling pink. Some who have experienced these Oreos say the pink color has a very lasting effect, especially on the tongue. There have been many reports of the pink color lasting for several hours. This can lead to a unique appearance for some users.

Others have taken the Peep-filled Oreo dilemma a step further. They are reporting that the body's natural digestive tract isn't strong enough to diminish the pink color. This has resulted in pink poop in the potty. Most of these cases were reported after users had consumed a large amount of the product in question.

So, if you plan on popping a Peep Oreo be forewarned that you might be facing a few strange looks and you could be in for a really unique surprise the following day.

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