It's time to put it away.

I want to start off by saying that I have noticed more and more people on their phone while driving and while walking out in public.

I was recently driving through the campus at UL and every other student that I saw was walking with their head down, while on the phone.

Now, we're all guilty of being buried into our phone these days, but it is time to put it away---Specifically if you're walking out in public.

Police will tell you, the worst thing you can do is be on your phone while walking out in public. Not only could you walk into something or trip over something, but it is also a distraction. 

If someone is stalking you and you're on your phone, you are an easy target. Be aware of your surroundings and STAY OFF your phone.

I write this to remind you to always be aware of who and what is around you. Let the text, tweet or message wait.

I encourage you to share this with others because at some point and time we all needed to be reminded to put the phone away!