Good looking dude. Check. Smart. Check. Talented. Check. Charming. Check. Funny. Check. Bradley Cooper has been named as PEOPLE Magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive' for 2011. When he found out he would top the list of elite hotties, like last year's winner Ryan Reynolds, George Clooney and more his first reaction wasn't what most would have expected.

"My mother is going to be so happy,"

So I guess he's a family man too. But did PEOPLE get it right? Yes, Bradley starred in the hilarious Hangover sequel, briefly dated J-Lo amongst many other highlights in 2011, but the blog-0-sphere is saying that PEOPLE Magazine got it allllll wrong.

If Bradley Cooper doesn't deserve the honor, who does? Is it Clooney? Is it Timberlake? Kris Humphries? (kidding) ... No, seriously ... if not Bradley Cooper, then who???? Click HERE to find out why people are saying Bradley Cooper is NOT 2011's Sexiest Man Alive and see if you agree!