The one thing that I noticed many people sharing this Memorial Day weekend, was a serious hangover. By Hangover, I mean the movie 'Hangover 2' that hit theaters this weekend. (even though I'm sure many people suffered from actual hangovers from Memorial Day The sequel to the 2009 hit 'The Hangover' was a popular topic this weekend, from Facebook updates, to cookout conversations, it seemed like everyone was buzzing about it.

'Hangover 2' was released this past Thursday and since then, it has managed to smash numerous box office records. According to box office tracker, 'Hangover 2' did $105.8 million over the three-day Memorial weekend. It made $86.5 million from Friday to Sunday giving it the highest debut ever for a comedy. It also topped the record previously held by 'Sex and the City' for best opening for an R-rated movie.

The sequel is seeing heavy success, despite being ripped apart by movie critics, with over two-thirds of them giving the movie a "thumbs-down." Even though the movie does scream "same story, different city", it has still managed to win over audiences scoring an A- with moviegoers according to survey site CinemaScore.

Personally, when we watched the private screening late Wednesday night, even though some parts were predictable, the talent of the actors and the non-stop action of the film kept me engaged. Not to mention, the one-liners and antics from Zach Galifianakis were unpredictable enough to balance out the overall predictability, making this action comedy an A+ in my book.

'Hangover 2' has also helped to drive ticket sales for the holiday weekend to the tune of $280 million, crushing 2007's previous Memorial Day Weekend record of $254.6 million. The film has earned $137.4 million since Thursday's release putting it well on pace to beat the first 'Hangover' film's record for the highest grossing R-rated film at $277 million.

Did you see the 'Hangover 2' ? What did you think about it ??? Tell us in the comments below !

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