Movie and pizza night will never be the same after Pizza Hut drops the 'Blockbuster Box.' It's a pizza delivery box that turns into a working movie projector, and it's all powered by your smartphone. It's the best of both worlds, pizza and a movie.

According to Business Insider,

 "The Blockbuster Box has a special pizza table that comes inside each box, which helps prevent the center of the box from touching your pizza. Inside the pizza box a lens is part of the design. Once you've inserted the lens into the side of the pizza box, you'll then need a smartphone to power the experience."


If you don't have Netflix, Pizza Hut has printed out a QR code on each box so you can download a free movie.

The only sad part is they only sell it in Hong Kong. No word on when Pizza Hut will sell it in the United States. So, for now you'll have to follow my instructions on how to turn your smartphone into a projector by CLICKING HERE. 

Question: Would you buy a 'Pizza Hut' pizza just for the 'Blockbuster Box'?

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