When you walk into Planet VR, you can tell they take gaming seriously. Virtual reality isn't a single attraction shoved in a corner — it's all they offer, so they have a variety of the latest state-of-the-art options.

It's truly a destination for virtual reality aficionados and newbies alike. There are two-player pods, a space to walk around with a headset, slides that take the experience horizontal and more. It's like an indoor amusement park, "...including rides that mimic roller coasters, waterslides, and race cars," according to their website.

Overall, they have 300 games and experiences on four Oculus Gos, four Oculus Quests and 11 VR ride simulation machines. Think fun for the whole family, date nights and friends.

Planet VR is the vision of brothers Phillip and Brant Suire, lifelong gamers who know virtual reality can be therapeutic and educational as well as a whole lot of fun.

"They opened Planet VR with goals of bringing bonding entertaining experiences to families and friends as well as providing law enforcement, fire and rescue, paramedic, and any oilfield related training and certification," their website states.

Pricing is available by ride, by time or by monthly membership, and party packages are available. So, head on over to their spot below the Youngsville water tower (327 Iberia St., Suite 4) — and tell them we sent you!


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