A plumber repairing a bathroom in Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church made a shocking discovery behind a toilet.

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According to NBC News, the plumber told a local Houston radio station that 500 envelopes full of cash and checks fell out from the wall behind the loose toilet. It's unclear how much money was in the envelopes. The plumber turned in all the money to the maintenance supervisor who then alerted officials at Lakewood Church.

Interestingly enough, $600,000 in checks and cash went missing from the church safe in 2014. No arrests were made in that case and the investigation into it remains open.

Osteen is no stranger to the limelight. Back in 2017, he made headlines by not opening his 606,000 square foot church as an emergency shelter during Hurricane Harvey. In 2020, the Lakewood Church accepted over 4 million in PPP loans during the Covid lockdown.

Osteen is a controversy magnet. Twitter users don't have much good to say about him or this situation. Many pointed out the coincidence of him losing a large amount of money, just for plumber to find a large amount of money pouring out of the walls years later.

Here's the statemenet from Lakewood Church on the 'funny money' bathroom incident:

Recently, while repair work was being done at Lakewood Church, an undisclosed amount of cash and checks were found. Lakewood immediately notified the Houston Police Department and is assisting them with their investigation.

We will have to wait and see what comes of this investigation.

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