If you're not cool with Niantic and Nintendo taking a peek(achu) at all of your personal information you might want to re-think playing Pokemon Go.

According to Popular Science Pokemon Go users who signed up with their Google account have given Niantic and Nintendo full access. What exactly does that mean?

That means they can see/edit/collect just about anything related to your Google account. Emails, photos, documents, all of your past location and search history: it can see all of this stuff, from even before you started using the app. It can also send emails as you—kind of the number one, red flag, alarm bell hacker opportunity in the digital world, aside from banking.

Basically, the only things Niantic and Nintendo can't do are access your Google Wallet, change your password, or delete your account.

I'm not saying that these companies are doing any of these things, but it does raise some cause for concern. What if there was a hack or leak? Millions of users Google information would be compromised.

If you have signed up for Pokemon Go using your Google account there is something you can do to remove the apps access to your information. Go to security.google.com and click on "Connected Apps and Sites", which is located under the "Sign-in & Security" tab.

I know everyone wants to "catch 'em all", but just be sure no one catches all of your personal info while you're out Pokemon Go-ing all over the city.

Learn more about Niantic and Nintendo's Google account access on the Popular Science website.

[via Popular Science]

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