Today when I was having lunch at Schlotzskey's I almost lost it on the table when I looked up and saw what was on the TV screen. A horse was booking it down a highway while police gave chase. I don't know why I couldn't stop laughing, but I wasn't the only one. The whole table, including Chris Logan and some of our buddies from our sister station were almost in tears.

A horse-- actually, scratch that. An ARABIAN horse (that's exactly what it said on the screen) had escaped and was running free. When I got back to the station and I found out that Fox 8 had the full story. Officer David Brown was working his normal Saturday shift up in Lawrence Township, OH when he got an interesting call

"We got a call of a loose horse running along Route 21. Myself and Officer Boyles responded to that area," said Officer Brown. Upon arrival, police found an Arabian horse named Java, 7, who had escaped a local farm while in the process of being moved to another farm. Java was weaving in and out of oncoming traffic. The horse was also jumping from the road into the median.

Now, I'm no horse expert, but I assume that horses are some of the most unpredictable animals on this earth. I do know that horses on highways are not a good thing ... for the horse or anyone who happens to run into it. Java reportedly ran 8 miles before police were able to box it in. 8 MILES !! That's insane !!!

Local horse keeper Bill Yerman has taken care of horses for 15 years. He says if horses have room to run, they will.

It seems like the officers learned the hard way. Java has been safely returned to his owners and no one was hurt. Check the video to see how it all went down and I promise, you'll either laugh or be shocked to see this horse run .. or both.

[via Fox 8]

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