This could be filed under "The Greatest" or "The Most Messed Up" police sting EVER. The Alabama County police sent out letters to deadbeat parents suspected of not paying child support telling them they won tickets to the Auburn-Alabama Iron Bowl game. The only thing they had to do was show up with their ID to claim their prize.

When they showed up, it was a totally different story.

Balloons. Cheesy pop music. People eating and drinking table snacks. Even little name tags for the winners when they arrived. The party atmosphere when these deadbeat parents arrived the scene was straight out of a Hot 107.9 radio promotion. There were cameras rolling and the "winners" were super stoked to collect their prize. Little did they know, the real surprise was a warrant for their arrest and handcuffs.

One by one, they were taken into custody in an effort that was cleverly named "Operation Iron Snare", named after the Auburn-Alabama Iron Bowl game these "lucky" folks thought they won tickets to. Officers dressed in Bama/Auburn gear even went as far as asking which team they were rooting for just seconds before slapping on the cuffs.

Some may say that this is a pretty "messed up" situation being that the officers took it so far, but when you compare it to being a deadbeat parent who doesn't pay child support, I guess it doesn't really sound so bad after all. Nearly a dozen suspects were arrested, with some not going along as easily as others as you will see in the video below.

Do you think the officers took this too far? Or do you believe that 'What goes around, Comes around?'

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