The sandwich that launched a thousand memes is ready for round 2!  We all thought that the battle between Chik-Fil-A and Popeye's was the chicken sandwich war to end all chicken sandwich wars - but we were wrong!  According to Newsweek, the bad news is: Only select Popeye's will join the fight.

For two glorious weeks in August, we all took sides in the great yard-bird punch-out as we watched these huge poultry pugilists slugged it out with the very taste-buds (and wallets) of the nation hung in the balance.  Then, on August 27th, it seemed like Popeye's delivered the knockout blow - They sold out.

Signs went up on Popeye's doors everywhere thanking customers for their patronage, then crushing their sandwich dreams by stating this unbelievable fact - they had depleted their supply of chicken.  Secure that a true winner had been found, the restaurant laid plans to bring back the sandwich - much to the dismay of the chicken population.

Unfortunately, only 150 of the more than 3,000 stores nationwide will host the second coming - and no list of the blessed restaurants was provided at the time of this article.

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