Post Malone has been rubbing elbows with some high profile celebrities, most recently this past weekend when he was photographed in a London club alongside Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt. The Jamaican sprinter had just returned from the 2016 Rio games, and speaking with TMZ, Post says the two hit off.

"He's a ladies man," Malone said while walking down the street smoking a cigarette. "He’s the fastest man in the world. Even if the cops were chasing him he could escape." Bolt recently made headlines when he was photographed in bed in with a woman that was not his girlfriend. He as well was seen kissing a separate woman in a Rio club.

One can only imagine what went down at Cirque le Soir club with Post and Bolt together, the musician describing the meet-up as "We was in a cool little club in London. I just met him. He was super tight. He said he likes the music." Check the impromptu interview up above, where Post as well says he might get the opportunity to finally meet Allen Iverson while in Dubai, with the shared flick included below.

Post is getting ready to go on tour with Jazz Cartier and Larry June starting in September, his debut album Stoney dropping in late August. For a complete list of dates and purchasing information for his The Hollywood Dreams tour, visit Post's website.

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