I am going to approach this one with caution.

Several photos and reports of a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico have surfaced on social media this week, so we will address what is out there.

According to Gulf Coast Updates, there is potential for an area of disturbed weather, as pressure drops, in the Caribbean within the next 7-10 days, but that is it.

If you're seeing reports of a hurricane in the gulf beyond ten days, that is just extreme. Models beyond ten days are just hard to digest due to accuracy issues.

Again, we are sharing this with you to let you know that those in the meteorology business will be keeping an eye on this area for the next week, as models suggest there is a chance something can develop.

Hurricane season does not officially start until June 1, but you should start to prepare for an active hurricane season.

Here's the post from Gulf Coast Updates addressing what is being said on social media, in regards to the potential threat.


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