So the big boss just came into the studio looking pretty upset, which MOST of the time isn't good. He asks, 'Can you find out who is calling me from (510) 215-5112 ??'

Most of the time I would say, 'Dude it's just a prank caller,' but he wasn't exactly in a joking mood.  Apparently these 'callers' were rattling off things related to credit card problems and even offering to reduce his debt!

Well since it was dealing with money, I got kind of curious.......Do you think it was these guys?

Anyway, after taking a look at things, this is what I got....

According to 800notes a couple of people had this to say,

I have received numerous calls from this number.  They are offering to reduce my credit card fees.  They say to press 3 if you don’t want to receive any more calls.  I have pressed 3 numerous times.  Today I pressed 1 to talk with a representative.  I told him that pressing 3 had not gotten me off their list, and wanted to know how to make sure I received no more calls.  He hung up on me.  I then tried twice to call the number, and got the “no longer in service” message.  What a scam!

And here is one more:

This is a credit card scammer looking for your credit card number so that it can be used for fraudulent purchases.  Don’t bother lifting the receiver when such calls come in.  They call from too many different numbers from all over the country for my call blocking to be effective.

If a self-proclaimed 'professional' calls from (510) 215-5112 or from (202) 480-5620, you can tell them to kiss it! Friendly update from us here at Hot 107.9

P.S. If your trying to pull a fast one on us..........we WILL FIND YOU!!!