An Arkansas woman is suing a state trooper who flipped her SUV because she didn't pull over fast enough.

Nicole Harper was 38 years old and pregnant in July of 2020 when she was traveling 84 mph in a 70-mph zone on Hwy 167 in Jacksonville, Arkansas. State trooper Rodney Dunn hit his sirens and lights to pull Harper over, but Harper didn't immediately pull over. Instead, she put on her hazard lights and switched to the farthest right lane.

Dashcam video shows the Arkansas state trooper using a PIT maneuver (pursuit intervention technique) to tap the back of Harper's car, causing her vehicle to crash, flipping on its top once it finally came to a resting position.

According to the NBC report, Harper's legal team is claiming that she was "slowing, activating her blinkers and changing lanes to the right, so she could eventually pull over." Their lawsuit also says that after 2 minutes and 7 seconds, the trooper made contact with her vehicle causing the SUV to flip.

Harper says the highway shoulders were narrow and she was waiting to pull over safely at an exit. Her civil complaint says the trooper's action "constituted a reckless attempt to engage in conduct that created substantial risk of physical injury," including to her unborn child.

The NBC report also reveals that at the time Harper believed her baby died as a result of the crash.

NBC, YouTube
NBC, YouTube

Fortunately, doctors were able to pick up a heartbeat and her daughter was born the following year.

Arkansas state police have declined comment on both the lawsuit and the incident that took place on July 9, according to NBC.

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