It's gone.

Every U.S. President has been know to "remodel" the Oval Office upon entering the office. Well, it has been reported that President Biden removed a box with a red button from the desk in the Oval Office.

This button was placed there by former President Donald Trump and it was reportedly used by Trump to order a Diet Coke to the desk.

Apparently, Trump would hit the red button and a butler in the White House would walk into the office with a Diet Coke on a silver platter.

Now, the button is gone. I don't know if President Biden has another way to order drinks or if he even has food/drinks delivered into the Oval Office, but we do know that the box containing the request button is off his desk.

Let me note here that this is not as uncommon as you may think. I have been in homes, large homes, that have such a thing.

Yes, there are homes other than the White House that as ways to request things be delivered to other parts of the house.

Here are a few photos showing Biden's desk now and what was Trump's desk while he was in office.

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