The principal at TNT Academy's High School graduation in Lilburn, Georgia made a racist comment when she stood before the audience to address a disturbance. 

From what it sounds like in this video, someone was apparently creating a distraction in the audience while a student was speaking. The principal, Nancy Gordeuk, stepped-in to address the distraction and that is when things got ugly.

She specifically pointed a group of people for talking and then referenced those walking out as "black people." Not only were those in attendance taken back by her comments, but so too were the student body.

As you can see here, several of the students got up and WALKED OUT of their own graduation. How terrible for these kids on this important day in their life?

Since then, the principal has issued an apology to the kids and their parents. She says that the devil was inside of her and that she doesn't even recall saying these words.

Looks like she'll have A LOT more explaining to do in the days ahead. What an ugly scene at this commencement ceremony.


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