To all of the hardworking teachers that are gearing up to step foot back into the classroom, we see you, and we hope you were able to score all the hand sanitizer possible. One principal is coming back to school with a rap that's probably the most 2020 thing ever. Check out the hilarious video below.

An Alabama high school principal has officially won the internet. Dr. Quentin Lee, principal at Childersburg High School created a parody video of "Can't Touch This" the goal was to remind students to be healthy when coming back to school. Personally we think MC Hammer would be stoked that his 90's hit made an epic COVID-19 comeback.

Dr.Lee, wrote the rap that has many teachers in stitches. According to Alabama News Center, it only took him 15 minutes to write the parody and he didn't miss a thing. We are pretty sure he was able to write the parody so quickly because 2020 has taken a toll on all of us, especially the quick adapting teachers in our community.

“COVID! Is stressing me, all the updates from the CDC. Lysol! Can’t be found, I’ve looked all around this town.”

My favorite part of the video is when Dr.Lee dances toward students holding a measuring tape. We all know that we've wanted to do that a time or two while out at the grocery store.

To all of our determined teachers out there doing the most and praying that this school year goes well, we are cheering you on. Thank you for all you do for the students in our community.

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