Amid more budget cuts towards education, Michele Miller, principal at Jackson Elementary School in Sacramento's Rescue Union school district, is selling all of her shoes. She says that she is desperate for someone to adopt the shoes because her school is "banking" on it.Her school district has seen budget cuts through the years, and she says that they are cutting up to $2.2 Million towards services in her district. At this rate, the principal says the district will have less bus drivers, fewer health aides, fewer support secretaries, and even see a cut in the number of teachers and administrators.

Miller says that her shoe collection of 15 years has its own bedroom in her Sacramento home, and it was while on her way home from a recent meeting that she decided she had to act, and act quick. The first thing that came to her head was her massive shoe collection. She says, in order for her students to not be affected by recent budget cuts, she needs to bring money into the school quickly. And that is where she came up with the idea to sell her collection, and use that money for her school.

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