There's only a handful of artists ever that name holds as much power as Beyonce's. She is one of the greatest artists to ever do it. Beyonce also has one of the most intense fan bases, who every time she releases new music they will let you know. And with that being said the Queen is back with a new song.

Beyonce's new song is called "Be Alive" off of the King Richard soundtrack( the movie about Venus and Serena Williams' father). It's nice hearing from Beyonce in 2021 because who knows when a new album will be released. So as s a Beyonce fan anytime there's new music no matter one song or ten it's a great day for you. I personally think the song is okay not bad but not great. However, it is one of those songs that has a catchy sample and lyrics so I can see it being the Queen's next big hit!


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