We all know Uncle Si Robertson as one of the most unique characters in TV history as a star of A&E's Duck Dynasty for years. However, did you know he can sing pretty dang good too?

He even has a band called Uncle Si & The Sicotics, which formed in late 2016. And they've got a new album ready for your listening pleasure!

Uncle Si & The Sicotics are set to release their self-titled, debut EP on Cold River Records this Friday, December 8th on iTunes.

"I'm not entirely sure what all this online fuss is about," offered the cantankerous Uncle Si. "The only streams I'm in usually include a boat."

This collection of songs are the brainchild of Uncle Si, his daughter-in-law Marsha Robertson, and creative force Bridgette Tatum (writer of the huge Jason Aldean hit "She's Country). Tatum produced and co-wrote the project with Robertson and Uncle Si and said the resulting songs are based in faith, raised in family, and radiate fun.

So what kind of music can we expect from Uncle Si & The Sicotics? Well, like the witty Duck Dynasty patriarch, it's a tasty gumbo of country music, hip hop beats, rock 'n' roll, and Southern gospel capturing Uncle Si's wit, wisdom, and wry observations on popular culture.

A veteran of the U.S. Army, Uncle Si was born Silas Merritt Robertson. He and his brother Phil Roberston are the bearded patriarchs of the family behind the Duck Commander brand, a company specializing in the sale of hunting gear and the companion reality series on A&E "Duck Dynasty."

Below is the complete track listing for the album.

  1. As Seen On TV
  2. Huntin Somethin'
  3. The Yee-Haw Song
  4. Throwback Man
  5. Garrison
  6. Chicken Puddin'



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