If you are a fan of former LSU standout, star, and everyman Joe Burrow, the next couple of weeks are going to be a wonderful time of celebration for you. You will be treated to so much Joe Burrow content that it will be like you are family. For those of you who cheered for Joe at LSU but aren't really Cincinnati Bengals fans, the next couple of weeks are going to move at a much slower tempo.

What is interesting to note is just how much information there has been stockpiled on Joe Burrow. Now, we know Joe was a highly-touted athlete from Ohio. He was recruited and attended Ohio State University. Then he got the chance to come to play real football in the Southeastern Conference when LSU came calling via the transfer portal.

Since the LSU program was still up in the air at the time of Burrow's arrival, there weren't too many features that documented what kind of a high school player he was. Although we did just unearth some videos of Burrow playing football in grade school.

Yesterday, following the Bengals upset overtime win over the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game there were a lot of people, places, and things taking victory laps with Burrow and the Bengals. LSU was one of those institutions, deservedly so, sharing the connection with the new darling of the NFL.

However, what LSU shared via Twitter about Joe Burrow is the kind of stuff that will make the blood of opponents run cold. Just listen to this assessment of Joe from his former coach at Athens High School.

And so far, Burrow has proved his former coach to be correct. Despite being down by a lot in the previous two playoff games, Burrow and the Bengals have found a way to win. A lot of that has to do with Joe Burrow's mental toughness and his desire to finish the game with a higher score than you.

That's what makes a winner. Now, all we have to do is survive the next two weeks of Joe Burrow hype and get ready for the NFL Championship game. That game is set for February 13th in Los Angeles against the Rams. The Rams will have a home-field advantage. The Bengals, have Joe Burrow. I would take that over home-field almost every time.

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