Where is the best bar in Lafayette? The Ragin' Cajuns Barstool Sports page is aiming to find out in its very own March-Madness style bracket.

Allow me to preface this post by saying this is clearly done in good fun and it's very obvious that this bracket is focused on "college" bars in Lafayette, LA. Because why would a college tournament-themed bracket focus on anything else, right?

According to their bio, the @barstoolcajuns page is a direct affiliate of the popular Barstool Sports brand; and to celebrate March Madness they decided to set up a bracket where some of the most popular Lafayette watering holes would face off round by round until only one winner remains standing.

The voting is done via their Instagram story and the eight bars facing off are Daqs, The Office, Legends, Nite Town, Corner Bar, The Bulldog, Marley's, and The Green Room. Each round lasts 24 hours and once votes are counted up, @barstoolcajuns announces the winners who move on to the next round.

Instagram, @barstoolcajuns
Instagram, @barstoolcajuns

It looks like the first round of voting actually wrapped up and we've got a few bars moving on as voting continues in the "Best Lafayette Bar" tournament. 

Which two bars will end up in the finals? What Lafayette bar will end up on top?

Only time will tell, but it's cool to see @barstoolcajuns having some fun with this March Madness-style bracket as we gear up to support the Ragin' Cajuns Men's basketball team in the dance against Tennessee Thursday night at 8:40 p.m.

Is your favorite bar on the list? Do any of these bars bring back memories of your college days? Feel free to sound off in the comments as we wait to see who moves on to the finals.

Keep up with it here on the official @barstoolcajuns Instagram account.

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