The Baton Rouge rapper was hospitalized, then taken to jail.

Webbie, real name Webster Gradney, Jr., was arrested by Baton Rouge police after an alleged domestic dispute at a local Comfort Inn hotel. His 25-year-old live-in girlfriend told police that Gradney "choked her, hit her and refused to let her leave the room for more than 2 hours."

Gradney physically abused her with a closed fist, an open hand, and a belt.  The victim told authorities that at one point, Gradney held her on the ground by pushing his knees into her throat, cutting off airflow for seconds at a time.

Police said the victim had visible bruising around her neck and face amongst many other physical signs of abuse—so bad, that she had to be taken to the hospital. The victim also claimed that the Baton Rouge rapper took her cellphone away from her and had been consuming marijuana and cocaine for two days without sleeping.

She says while this isn't the first time being abused by Gradney, but it is the first time she has reported it to police.

According to reports, Gradney was arrested, but complained about a medical issue, so he was hospitalized. Once cleared by doctors, the Baton Rouge rapper was taken to jail on charges of domestic abuse by strangulation, false imprisonment, second-degree battery, theft, and simple criminal damage to property.

Webbie was arrested back in 2012 for battery and robbery, after he allegedly kicked a woman down the stairs.


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