Baton Rouge rapper, Webbie was arrested early this morning after he allegedly kicked a woman down a flight of stairs and stole $340 from her purse. Details are still hazy at the moment, and police are still investigating the incident that went down at the Chase Suit Hotel in Baton Rouge.

Webbie was arrested around 2:30 AM, and according to the official police report the woman was kicked down two flights of stairs before being robbed of $340. Webbie's rep fully denies the accusations, saying that Webbie never attacked the female, nor did he "steal" any money from her. According to Webbie, he did take the money from her purse, but claims it was his money and she had stolen it first.

Webbie, real name Webster Gradney, Jr., was released earlier on a $9,000 bond and plans to fight charges brought against him. Police continue to investigate and ask for any witnesses to come forward.

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