Water, according to what I was taught in elementary school science class, is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Unless you happen to live in Rayne, Louisiana. Some residents of that Acadia Parish town are complaining that the water that is coming out of their taps is anything but colorless. In fact, it's brown. Which has led to a lot of questions for city leaders.

You may have seen some posts on social media sites where residents of Rayne of shown images of discolored water in drinking glasses and the effects the water has had on household chores such as laundry. While the aesthetics of the water certainly leave a lot to be desired, the bigger question is this. Is it safe for me and my family to consume and use in our daily lives?

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According to city officials in Rayne, the answer to the question is yes. Yes, the water is safe and the discolored water was not unexpected. In fact, city administrators say residents were told to expect it.

The reason for the brownish water coming from faucets across the city has to do with an upgrade to the city's 60-year-old water system. Rayne is currently in the middle of a $2.6 million dollars project to fix the issues that the six-decade-old system is experiencing.

The reason the water is brownish in color is that it has not been clarified. However, it is still being treated with the normal chemicals that the water system has used for years.

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The lack of clarification in the system leads to oxidation. Hence, the discolorization. Town administrators said they had hoped to have the clarifiers added to the system already but the project was delayed by several days because of recent heavy rains.

Residents can expect the brownish water to return to its normal appearance over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that the water supply is being monitored and is safe for you to consume. Should you have questions or concerns, simply address those concerns to the Mayor's office for clarification.

If you ask me, the only dark-colored water you need to concern yourself with is coffee. However, even that can taste bad, if you don't know what you're doing when you make it.

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