The Rayne Police Department say they're on patrol this Summer to give kids tickets when they catch them...doing good things.

KATC reports Rayne Department has announced a Summer ticket program to strengthen their partnership with the community.

The department will be patrolling neighborhoods in Rayne looking for kids doing good things in their community. According to KATC, they're looking for kids who are putting effort into helping people or their neighborhood.

If officers catch kids doing good things they're going to write them a "ticket" for a free snowball at Frozen Rayne.

One of Rayne's young residents Norris Guidry has already been "ticketed" when police found out he mows people's grass who aren't able to do so themselves.

From KATC -

The initiative includes an added incentive for the police officers handing out tickets as well - all law enforcement on duty will receive 50 percent off snowcones at Frozen Rayne all season long.



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