Sure, Christmas is fine or whatever. But when it comes to really igniting the flame of desire inside every audiophile's heart, there's really no national holiday better suited to a music nerd than Record Store Day, the annual celebration of all things vinyl.

Each year, the holiday continues to become more of a 'thing.' Vinyl sales are going up! It's not that surprising, though: While the way in which we consume music might be rapidly changing, there's something about the physical experience of a vinyl record that MP3s and streaming radio could never really replace. They're not tangible! Besides, half the fun is the actual hunt for a record. Right? Right.

This year's Record Store Day is April 16, and the organizers unveiled the very long list of participating artists this week. And while the vinyl scene is largely dominated by rockers, there are more than a handful of priceless pop gems coming to the RSD crates this spring.

I took a look through the upcoming releases and picked out the records that would most likely leave PopCrush readers salivating. (I already know I'll be elbowing ahead of some indie snob to grab the Madonna pink vinyl and Jack Ü & Justin Bieber "piss yellow" — enticing! — 12" before anyone gets their fingerprints on it, guaranteed.)

Click through the gallery above, and let us know if you've got your eyes on anything we might have missed.

Happy hunting!

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