The video of the incredible rescue in Baton Rouge of the woman and her dog has been seen by countless people all over the world. A Baton Rouge man claims he now has that red Miata from the video, and that it's a stolen vehicle.

In a post on, user Ethaniscool from Baton Rouge says when he saw the video of the rescue, he decided that he would put his skills to use and restore the red Miata for the woman in the video. When he made a post on Facebook looking for information, he got a bit of a shocker.

Since this horrible flood is all too local for me I figured I could help out. So I put a Facebook status out asking if anyone knew the owners. Within about 5 min I was in touch with the owners. Come to find out the car was actually stolen and the woman driving was drunk.
The family lost everything including all their cars so I to me this is perfect for me to help.
Yesterday the car finally got to my house! So started getting into immediately.

He eventually was able to get the car, and is currently working on restoring it for the family it was allegedly stolen from.


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Ethaniscool via
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