As we enter into Memorial Day Weekend, I hope that we all remember why we are celebrating this day and weekend. I don't want to sound like I'm preaching, because I'm not, but lets all remind ourselves what Memorial Day is truly all about. If you have never heard of Memorial Day other than what is sold On-Air or in Newspapers, you'd think its a weekend designated for really good sales. And yes while the sales are great, its not what this day is all about. Memorial Day is a day designated for giving thanks and remembrance. We remember those who have served in the United States of America's armed forces yesterday and today. There is no greater service than serving your country, and so many brave young men and women have made that ultimate sacrifice.

In a world of everyone always looking for a hero, there is no better hero out there than an American Soldier. Too often we all overlook those who serve our country. As Americans we tend to forget about those on the front lines, and we often direct our attention to things like sports and entertainment when we look for heroes. I say, if you really want to shake a hero's hand, wait for a soldier as he/she gets off of a plane as they reurn home. Welcome a soldier home and stare into the eyes of a man or woman that has made the ultimate sacrifice.

There are so many families in our back yard with loved ones serving in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, and yet forget about them as well. So many moms are raising the kids on their own while their father is away protecting our freedoms. We should keep not only those who are serving our country in our thoughts and prayers this weekend, but we should do likewise for the families that have been left behind.

Lastly, so many men and women have given their life for this country.Whether they were male or female, white or black, christian or jew, they made the ultimate sacrifice for the United States of America. And whether you agree or disagree with war, still there are fellow Americans fighting for something you believe in and trust in, your country. I hope like all of you, I too remember the purpose of Memorial Day this year. We are currently engaged in two separate wars, and there are more wars to be fought on the horizon. To all of you that have ever put on a uniform and represented this country in wartime and/or in peacetime, we ALL salute you and thank you!! You are all a hero, and your service shall never be forgotten.


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