Former Saints tight end Benjamin Watson announced his retirement after the 2018 season.

While his retirement was bittersweet due to his ability to play at that level at his age (38), but also his respect and leadership that he had with his teammates in the locker room.

It was rumored that he was looking to unretire last month. There were hopes that he would resign with the Saints if that were the case. Well, now it looks like he will indeed come out of his brief retirement, but his signing with the Saints isn't looking great.

According to a report by NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport, Watson will be signing with his first NFL team, the New England Patriots.

Watson was drafted 32nd overall by the Pats in 2004, and played with the team until 2009. He came to the Saints in 2013-2015, and again for the 2018 season, where he would announce his retirement.

With Rob Gronkowski retiring, it's hard to believe that Watson won't be a big target for Tom Brady this upcoming season.

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