This is one way to finish your final week at a job.

Watch a TV reporter go through a terrifying experience live on air.

Lafayette's own David Begnaud posted this clip on his instagram of Tori Yorgey. In an absolutley jarring video, Yorgey is hit by a car while covering what seems to be in front of a closed roadway due to severe weather. Reporters already have scary jobs, but this is the worst scenario.

In the video, Yorgey says it's her last week on the job shortly before being hit by the car. In the most surprising and positive move, Yorgey continued the live shot after being hit, saying she was okay.

I went to Tori Yogey's Twitter to see if she posted anything about the incident, and she didn't. However, she did post a picture taken just before she was hit by the vehicle, showing her and her photographer covering the severe weather. The comments under this photo are filled with concerned people, asking if she was okay.

Here's the photo:

I think the greatest part about this story, besides her continuing her shot after being hit by a pro, is that this wasn't her first time being hit by a car. Yorgey says "this happened to me in college too."

This obviously could have been a very scary and tragic situation. Yorgey was taken to a hospital, but she is said to be doing okay. She took it in stride, and kept going with her job. Sometimes, reporters don't have a choice in their shots. I work in TV, and have been around numerous reporters. They'll do whatever they can for the good shot, and they'll keep going if they can. No holds barred.

Once again, props to Tori for being a trooper live on air after a traumatic experience. It can't be easy to carry on after being hit by a vehicle for everyone watching the news to see.

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