It’s been nearly three years since Chris Brown laid into Rihanna just before the Grammys, causing a very messy and very public break-up. But according to sources, the ‘Rude Boy’ songstress still hasn’t let go of her first love.

In fact, the source alleges that Rihanna feels if she can’t be happy, Breezy shouldn’t be happy either. “She’s trying to break up Chris and his girlfriend, Karrueche [Tran],” the unnamed source reports to Life and Style. “Chris is happy, but Rihanna keeps playing her games to make trouble. It’s become an issue.”

Rumor has it that Rihanna is pulling out all the stops to get Chris to notice her, even showing up wherever he is and ‘secretly’ spouting her love for him all over Twitter. “Not only has she initiated a Twitter conversation with Chris for all to see, but she has gone to see him,” the insider claims. “She stopped by his studio recently — twice. She’s also calling and texting him a lot. She won’t let go.”

Of course, take all of this with a grain of salt, as apparently the ‘source’ is a friend of Chris Brown, making their claims fairly one-sided. From what we can tell, Rihanna has taken her public misfortune and spun it into music gold — and when she’s not rocking No. 1 singles, she’s party hopping all over the globe. We’d say she’s doing just fine on her own.

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