Ali and Andrew dated for seven years before calling it quits. And, now, two years later the exes get candid about why their relationship ended.

If you've ever gone through a break up this video will probably make you cry, it's so heart breaking watching these two individuals relive that part of their lives. Ali and Andrew cover everything, the ups, the downs, their favorite memories, and some of the worst times of the relationship. But, if you felt like you were left hanging by the end of the video and you just wanted to know where they stand now, no worries there's a part two, and it's posted below.

I can't handle this! I just want Ali and Andrew to be together! I know they have their issues, but clearly they still care about each other. I mean, I understand where they are coming from and I don't think I could ever get back together with any of my exes, but watching them Ali and Andrew together is so cute. They still have inside jokes and memories, and they still want to be in each others lives! Can't they at least go on one date and see what happens? Come on guys, do it for me! The past 15 minutes I spent watching their conversation was better than any romantic movie I've seen in my life, because it was real.

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