Rihanna has bared it all for magazines, as well as giving us pretty much everything but full frontal images on Instagram. But the latest photos to leak of the pop singer butt naked on her balcony in Barbados pretty much take the cake. (no pun intended)

The photos, reportedly taken in her native Barbados before she decided to join Breezy over the Christmas holiday, show Rihanna in her villa changing bikinis. Not only do you see Rihanna changing RIGHT near the WIDE OPEN balcony door, but you can see her look DIRECTLY at photogs as they snapped her naked cake in the midst of her wardrobe change.

She's definitely never been shy type, but the internet has been really critical of RiRi this go round, from criticism of her "flat" backside, to her "2-liter" figure - not to mention the fact that she is "doing all of this purposely for attention," as stated in the video below.

We'll let you be the judge, but be warned - these pics are VERY NSFW.