Rihanna is telling sources that she almost went bankrupt in 2009 because of her accountant. During this time period her expenses doubled which sped up the fall to bankruptcy.

Now I am sure you are wondering how Rihanna blew through $9 million in one year, I know I was thinking it! She says her accountant gave her the okay to buy a house that was priced at about $7 million, she took the advice since he is the expert. When she sold the house she ended up losing $2 million on the deal.

Rihanna is also claiming that the tour she had in 2009, Last Girl on Earth, was losing money, but the accountant never gave her this information.

Despite all the financial hardships Rihanna has faced, she has rebounded nicely. Her net worth is now estimated at $43 Million. I would say that she is doing just fine!